Welcome to Ewesfluffy Fiber!

Welcome to Ewesfluffy Fiber!

Hello, I'm Mary Jo. I live on a small suburban Pacific Northwest farm in SW WA State where we raise Romney Sheep. We sell breeding stock, lamb, sheepskins, and fiber products in our small business Ewesfluffy Fiber. 

We feature items we love to make and share with others including unique handmade wool items, award winning fleeces, fiber for spinners and fiber artists, and sheepskins from our flock.

Our goal is to provide local, sustainable, natural, and eco friendly wool products produced humanely from our flock of White and Natural Colored Romney Sheep. Our flock currently consists of 50 Ewes and 4 Rams. 


I grew up in Northern Nevada showing horses but with my husbands family being involved with sheep our two boys had the opportunity to enjoy both. The boys grew up showing horses and sheep in the 4-H Program and learning life skills that are helping them in their adult life. They are grown now and we only have one horse left, (he will be 30 next year), and lots of sheep. Having the sheep I started playing with the wool and have been spinning for almost 15 years now. My passion is dyeing using both natural dyes from local plants and lichens and commercial dyes to create unique colors and combinations.  Accumulating a lot of fiber items led to sharing my passion and starting a small business selling at bazaars and farmers markets AKA Ewesfluffy Fiber. I love sharing my fiber art and enjoying the company and inspriation of other fiber lovers.



Our Fiber products start with selecting and raising sheep with great fleeces, humane shearing, and skirting and sorting out the best.  Some are shown in our county fair and sold without processing. The rest are washed, dyed, carded or combed by hand, and made into batts and roving, and yarns for crafting or spinning. 




Be sure to check out our Blog and Instagram to see what we are up to and learn why Wool is the most versatile fiber out there!

We hope you Keep in Touch and remember to Eat Lamb and Wear Wool!








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Loved reading your content, nice site, we should social distance with Tara and have coffee, been a super long time!!

Bridget Angin

good job Mary Jo

Carolene Saville

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