Sheep Slippers Revisited

Sheep Slippers Revisited

Here is a great gift idea and there is plenty of time to get them done before the holidays. The pattern is from the Winter 2002 Spin-Off magazine article "Sheep's Head Slippers and Hobbit Feet".

It is a crochet pattern, easy to make, and a great way to use a fleece with a good lock structure. After the slippers are finished the locks are folded in half, pulled through the side of the stitches and through the loop end of the lock to hold it, and then they are all trimmed down some when finished.

I think you could probably use any crochet slipper pattern you want and just pull the locks through. It is a fun project. The most time consuming part is pulling the locks through.

For these slippers I used locks from a Romney/Border Leiciester hoggett fleece my husband bought for me. It has awesome locks. It think it would be fun to dye some locks different colors and make some really wild looking ones.

Now off I go outside to slog through the mud in the rain and get some chores done. You just have to love the pacific northwest in late fall!

Happy Crafting Everyone!

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