New Year, New Website, and Farm News!

New Year, New Website, and Farm News!

New Year, New Website, and Farm News!

It’s a new year and long overdue time to revamp the website, get the cobwebs out, and make it more user friendly for both me and my customers. I have been procrastinating about doing this and not being tech savvy hopefully I can do this. I am taking a in depth class this week from my mentor Amika Ryan so will get some great help and inspiration. Not sure about you but the older I get the more technophobic I get. Multitasking really slows down too. That said January is a perfect time to get this in order and have all the ducks in a row by February and the lamb slam

February we start lambing with our Romney, Blue Faced Leicester, and crossbred ewes. We had some fall Hampshire lambs that will be weaned in time for the next round to start so that will free up barn space. We are really looking forward to the crossbred lambs they were spectacular last year. As a plus we also added a new Blue Faced Leister ram, (Yan), and ewe, (Wrigley),  to our flock from Liongate Farm in Southern Oregon for some diversified genetics. Excited for the lambs and the great fleeces they give us!

Depending on lambing Ewesfluffy Fiber will be at the Newport, Oregon spin in on February 4 with Romney Roving, fleeces, and other fibery goodness. I am soo glad in-person events are coming back! I have missed my fiber friends a ton. There are also  farmers markets, highland games, and bazaars in the plan for this year. Yeah!

What are your fiber plans, projects, and events planned for this year? I hope you are all safe, well, warm, and dry. Keep on spinning and crafting and remember, “Every Day is a New Day”

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