Wood Drop Spindle Handspinning Kit including Handmade in USA Wood Top Whorl Spindle with Fiber and Wriitten Instructions

Drop Spindle Handspinning Kit

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Drop Spindle Handspinning Kit - Top Whorl Drop Spindle Wool Fiber and Written Instructions

Kit Includes;

1 Handmade in USA Wood Top Whorl Drop Spindle with metal hook at the top

   Weight approximately 1.5 oz

   Shaft approximantely 10" in length

   Whorl approximately 2 1/2" diameter                        

2 oz of Carded Romney Wool Roving or Batt

1 Leader String

Printed Instructions 

Have you ever wanted to spin your own yarn? This kit contains everything you need to learn to spin your own yarn including printed instructions. Portable and great starter into fiber arts.