One of a Kind Silk Natural Dyed Ecoprint Scarf

One of a Kind Silk Natural Dyed Ecoprint Scarf

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Natural Dyed Ecoprint Scarf

Each scarf is one of a kind dyed by nature!
Natural dyes made natural tannins from unique Pacific Northwest leaves
create eco prints with amazing patterns and colors preserved on a silk scarf. 

Unique gift for a special person!

Great stocking stuffer!

This is a shimmering white 100% Silk scarf naturally dyed with eco prints from leaves from the Pacific Northwest in Washington state.

Sizes and fabric; 
  • 52" 100% Silk with Fringe

Washing and Care Instructions;

Soak 5 minutes in lukewarm water with neutral fiber wash. Rinse in water at the same temperature, roll in a towel to remove excess water, and lie flat to dry or hang over a shower rod. Avoid storing in direct sunlight. Natural dyes are made from living things and have the potential to fade over time.